The 'Generations' Quilt.

Armed with caffeine sustenance,

and really good company, the 'Generations' quilt got under way.

As the quilting process got going, I thought it was really appropriate to name it, 'Generations'.
Having had three generations within my family work on it, and despite it's obvious flaws, it has become one of my favourites. It has an amazing story, that will only add to it's appeal as time goes on.
The small four patch, I quilted with a motif that I saw on an APQS tutorial.

It is not much bigger than a knee size, but when I showed Granny, (My mum. We all call her Granny even though she's my Mum and not my Granny) she was over joyed with it. The border I quilted in what looks like a fancy sort of onion design. Granny loves the border!!! Now I never drew her attention to the little motifs in the small four patch in the middle of the blocks, but she noticed them. And loves them.

Just a bit closer to see the quilting. From a technical point of view, the quilting was a little challenging at times. The SID was at times a bit of a nightmare, as the areas that needed that, were not always straight. Let's put it this way, they were straight with a character all of their own!! That being said, it was still fun to quilt, knowing Granny was in for a surprise with the quilting. Normally she always comes to the studio to see what is the latest thing happening on the frame. But not when this one was on it. She didn't come down once to check it out!!

The little empty space on the corners, had just a motif put in like that which was in the four patch. It looks a bit different not in a four patch doesn't it? It's only a quarter of the motif, because there is not a lot of space left on the corner to mark out a complete four patch to quilt. It would be too tiny to bother with. With just the binding to go and removal of the chalk/fabric markers, the 'Generations' quilt will be done. And with a recipient very happy with how it has turned out.
The frame is loaded with another quilt ready to go. It's quite big at 96" x 98", but they can get bigger. Stay tuned on the progress of that one, as I'm hoping to have it off the frame by Thursday evening. Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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