Japanese 'Rock n Roll'.

Whenever I look at these photo's, I will always think that this is the Japanese Rock n Roll quilt. To while away the time that was spent quilting it, we played rock n roll cd's continuously. As a result, I went out and bought myself a new cd, to play for the next big quilt. (which is coming up shortly) And no, it is not rock n roll.

The texture and dimension that the Gingko pattern gives, (Digitech patterns) is really beautiful, and it has an amazing soft drape factor, despite having a fair amount of quilting, per line quilted. I used a 60/40-wool/poly wadding, which definitely contributes to the softness of the quilt and quilted it using Glide thread, in a golden colour.

Although I was only the quilter in this project, it was a privilege to contribute to it. With it safely back in the hands of it's (very thrilled) owner, I believe it will be bound this weekend. Having been sent a photo of it already on the bed, it looks amazing. So until the next installment, happy quilting.-Julie.

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