Forum friends meet at AMQF.

The AMQF (Australian Machine Quilting Festival) kicked off for us all (unofficially) in Adelaide, on Thursday night. The quilting forum that I belong to, had pre arranged that we would meet and eat at a designated restaurant. It was a blast! I got to meet quite a few of the ladies (and also their husbands) that are on the forum from Australia. They come from all over the country and I have to say, it was nice to finally put a real person to the photo that I had seen of them online. A couple of the ladies weren't able to make it on the Thursday night, but that didn't stop us meeting them over the course of the next few days in classes. Included in that, were some of our overseas forum members. With new friendships formed, it means the next quilting festival in Adelaide will be even more fun to attend. And yes, it's already booked in for October of 2014.

This is my good friend Lyn, standing next to her award winning quilt at AMQF. She is my go to person when I have a quilting crisis, mentor. What she doesn't know about quilting, isn't worth knowing. ( I can tell you, she knows ALOT of stuff on quilting!!) I was so rapted to be at the show this weekend, when she won a prize in the category her quilt was entered in. She happens to also be featured in the current issue of Down Under Quilts (issue 154). If you want to check the quilt out a little closer, you can see it in the magazine. Or if you want to see any of her other beautiful work, check out her blog:
I have bought a few things from the show too, but will save that to the next post, as I'm still a little energy deprived from catching a red eye flight home on Sunday night. I have never done a red eye flight before, and will never book another! I felt like to much of a train wreck yesterday afterwards, and then had to work as well!! Note to self: never ever book a red eye flight. They are not called that for no reason!
Until the next post, happy quilting.-Julie.

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