Oliver's progress in details!

It seems like it is taking forever for Oliver's quilt to get to the binding stage, but finally progress is moving forward once again. I have quilted the borders of the quilt and are now about half way through the quilting of the central panel. I'm looking forward to learning quicker and easier methods in my longarm education, which in turn will help streamline the whole process even further.                                       
Not to sure how well it shows up, but I wanted to quilt Oliver's name into his quilt. If I manage to get a better picture of it, I will post it here on the blog again. When I make a quilt that is a special gift for someone, usually either a baby quilt or an anniversary quilt, I like to add a little extra detail by quilting the particulars of the recipient it is going to. For me, that's what makes it special. And trust me, mothers of babies that get a quilt that is so personalized for their new baby, love it!!! I had good intentions of putting Oliver's name in the border, but in my enthusiasm to get this quilt happening, totally forgot. Fortunate for me, there were additional areas of this quilt that could accommodate the details. Even if they were smaller than I hoped for. As the quilting progresses, I will also quilt Oliver's birth date into the quilt.
The monthly challenge will be the next thing loaded onto the frame, as the deadline, August 31st, is looming. The upside is, as soon as I get it done, I can load the next quilt top and the plan is to quilt it in the pattern I did the monthly challenge in. Time will only tell whether that was a good idea or a bad one.
Until next time, happy quilting.- Julie

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