A little Whimsy...

Ok, I'm not to sure how the photos will look as my camera is a point and shoot model and it is a pretty grotty day here, which in turn poses lighting issues, but here it is! The quilting is done as you can see and I feel it is a bit whimsical. To say I learnt a bit from this quilt would be an understatement. The biggest thing I learnt...., if your bobbin is telling you it's nearly empty, stop while you have a chance to, in an inconspicuous place and change it, or your going to wish you had when you get 2 inches from the end and it runs out!!!
I had taken a photo of the back as the quilting is easier to see there, but somewhere when transferring the photos from camera to computer it disappeared, so apologies if you have to strain your eyes a bit to see it. As per plan, I quilted the borders in bead board. I decided to quilt the pink crosses in a heart/flower motif. And the rest of the top I quilted in a design I call my meandering mushroom. Although, I have to admit, some resemble jelly fish more than they resemble mushrooms!! The pattern for the piecing is called Daisy Chain and it's from the book, Jelly Roll Quilts, by Pam and Nicky Lintott. Fabric range- Verna, by Kate Spain for Moda.

And on a final note, we would just like to say 'Hi' and welcome to Courtney, as a follower of our blog.
Until next time.-Julie and Ash.

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