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Quilted, bound and ready for delivery, Oliver's quilt is now in the finished basket for 2012. The stripey binding dresses up an otherwise rather ordinary edge. Ok now for the details, although a little sketchy on this one. The pattern is from the book, 'Scrap Basket Sensations', by Kim Brackett. Now you won't find the exact layout like this, as I used the block pattern as a basis for this quilt. The quilt it was originally based on, is called 'Picnic'.
The next gift quilt, (this is providing I don't commit myself before then) is a quilt that will be heading to California for a very good friend. Queen size and in neutrals, is all I can say about it at the moment. As delivery is not to happen until next year, the details of the quilt have not even materialised at this end yet, other than what I have mentioned. But you know how quilters are, the brain is always ticking for something to improve on, that has been learnt from the last quilt.
The deadline for the challenge piece for this month is looming and having started it last week, I quickly realised why my friend Pauline and I are doing this. It is to improve and push the boundaries on our skill base, which became evident to me through practice, is sorely needed on this months challenge!!! With my quilt guild meeting filling tonight's quilting hours, come tomorrow, I will put my head down and practice. Hopefully by the 31st August, I will have something semi presentable to post here on the blog.
Until the next time, keep on quilting.-Julie.

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