Let's tour..... Studio 1.

 I thought between projects I might give you a little tour of 'Studio 1'. This photo is taken pretty much as you step inside. It all looks a little bare, as I am in between projects. I chose the colour of the walls as it reflects light very well, and of course, my name. It's called 'Julie Louise'. How could I resist it?!

The stash, if you could call it that, is what you see here in this cute little cupboard. It is by no means as grand as a lot of other quilters stashes that I have seen, but it does me. It is always being added to, so the potential for needing a larger cupboard for storage, cannot be ruled out. When I got it from a friend, it was painted pink, with a crackle effect. I spent an entire weekend stripping it, as I had envisioned how I wanted it to look and crackle was not in the equation. With fingers numb from my efforts, I achieved the look I was going for. Visually, with all that's going on in the cupboard as a result of the fabric, it is more peaceful to the eye being painted in a neutral colour.

From the corner of the room, (so pretty much standing in front of the stash cupboard) you get a view of the cutting table. My husband custom built this to my height, (or lack there of) and it is a dream to stand at and cut now. No more aching back. The view is pretty good too.

You can see from this angle, you would be just about sitting at the machine. This is where it all happens from!! Eventually I hope to have the photo frame behind the door filled with photos of quilts that inspire me. Time is the enemy on that score, just not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do.

And lastly, from this viewpoint, which is in front of the little armchair, you get to see what is out my window. Just paddocks, for the time being anyway. Plans are afoot to develop this area. Hopefully not for a while yet.
Hope you've enjoyed this mini tour. Now I better get back to the 'real' work at hand.
Happy quilting- Julie

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  1. Hi Julie.
    I love your studio. Can't wait to see your new sofa somewhere in that beautiful space. Keep in touch!

    Julie x