A very busy weekend........but not with Quilting!!

In case you've wondered where a few quilt related photos have gotten to recently, we can at least explain we have not been idle here at HK. I have been looking for several weeks for some sort of storage system to go under the table of the longarm machine. There is a lot of wasted space there if not used, and considering studio 2 is not exactly huge, thought I could utilise that space to my advantage. The only problem with that great idea is, due to the fact the table is a certain height, I found it impossible to find a good fit with a storage system. George, (my technical husband that has many great ideas) suggested custom made and that we should give our friends a ring to see if they could assist. Well, the long and the short of it, they did!! This picture is taken from my iphone, in a factory as the drawers are coming off the production line. I got very excited as I saw them being made. (yippee skippee moment)

As soon as we got home, which was rather late, we headed to studio 2 to put all the furniture in place. As you can see, our new storage system is a perfect fit. (A big thank you to Shane and George for the marathon effort here). The 3 sets of 4 drawers that you see at the closer end, are storage for thread cones. George says I can fit approx 36 cones per drawer, so that's a few threads to collect!! The other 2 drawer units you see at the far end, have 3 drawers in each and will be used for rulers, pantographs and other bits and pieces. In case your wondering why I didn't also fill in that little gap in between both lots of drawers, well that's where my UPS unit sits. All we are waiting for now, is the handles for the drawer units to arrive and then they'll be finished. So, to our friends Shane and Jenny, we would like to thank you for making it possible for us to have such a beautiful storage system in studio 2. It really looks amazing and now there is no more wasted space!!- Julie


  1. such a clever storage idea guys!!! and it looks great too!!!

  2. Hopefully it will keep us organized!

  3. Can I come and play in your studio 2. That floor looks comfy and the drawers, just realised that is the back of the machine, so organised. My front side looks neat and the back - well its the back!

    1. Of course you can!! You are definitely welcome to come play in my studio anytime.