Finally back on track.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy here with just about everything but quilting! Ash and I have both undergone changes in our employment, which in turn was almost all absorbing. But we are both back on track now. This week sees Ash shifting house, and she tells me she has the cutest little sewing room with a window seat in the new house. I've already been told, that many hours of stitching will happen from there. ( Hope there's enough seat there to share!)

Brooke, (my other daughter) saved the day this week when she brought home these delicious macaroons for me, and yes, I did share them. The ones you see pictured were absolutely delicious and the flavours amazing. Pistachio, Strawberries and Cream, Salted Caramel and wait for it...... Champagne. I'm hooked!!

The challenge quilting piece is finally finished. With it being a monthly challenge, I was determined to finish it this month (July), so that it didn't roll into next month's challenge piece, which I might add has already been set. So tonight was head down and get into it. With the quilting frame empty, I can now load up Ash's anniversary quilt and get going on that. With 2 weeks to go to the official hand over of it, the clock is ticking. Until next time.-Julie.

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