Construction and more practise!

This weeks quota in the creative zone, has seen the advancement of progress on Ashleigh's quilt. I started this one off on the sly, as I was going to surprise her with it, but after a few conversations with her in regard to the fabric range, I just had to come clean and tell her. She really liked the fabric range that Jades quilt was done in, so I thought I might do one for her. It was a challenge to find it in suitable quantities, as it is a range from several years ago and is a bit scarce on the ground now. I'm hoping to have it loaded onto the machine by the end of the week to start the quilting process. As to what the design will be, I'm not sure yet!!! I do know what I'm doing for the border, but as for the body of the quilt, time will tell. All the details of the quilt will follow with the next post.

It's taken a little while to get there, but having been confined to barracks so to speak, as a result of not being well, progress has moved forward on Oliver's quilt too. After several placement attempts, I finally settled on what you see in the photo. It's somewhat different to what I originally started with!! I plan to add another border, probably a white one to make it a little larger and to really set off the fabric in the centre. It will also give me a nice play area for the quilting. Once again, the jury is out on the quilting design, although I am going to quilt Oliver's name and date of birth into the quilt. More pictures to follow of that process when it happens.

My friend Paulene and I decided we would have a quilt challenge every month. The idea is to practise new designs and build on what we can already do. Progressively the challenge will really put us through our paces, as we are going to be attempting quilting designs we have not really tried before. So for this month, we agreed on a simple meander with flowers, leaves and any other curls or ribbon work to enhance it. I still have a bit to do before I am finished with this one. At the end of the month, we will get together and compare notes on how we went. The challenge piece is about 100cm x 100cm, so it's a nice size to get comfortable with a new technique, without feeling overwhelmed that it's never going to end. Until next time, happy quilting!!-Julie


  1. That piece is looking really good. It is great you now have Paulene close to push you!

    1. Thanks Lyn and yes, the pressure is on now to up the ante!!