Sending friends off in style....

With a bit of secret service happening here at HK, it's been a little hard to post what we've been doing. But now we can show you.
With friends leaving for an overseas trip in approximately 8 weeks time, we thought we should send them off in style with some really cool bag tags. Can you guess where they're going?
The purple tags, (my favourite!) have had crystals applied to them, and although you can't see it in the photo, they have a definite 'bling'. We've shown you the label side and also the flip side. Although the Eiffel tower looks upside down on one of the tags (because the fabric is directional), it then shows the Eiffel tower the right way up on the other side. The address label when placed inside the tag, will cover the upside down Eiffel tower. So always check print direction and placement when making something that requires fabric being cut on the fold, or you'll waste a lot of fabric. Ask us how we know that!!!
And on a final note, we would like to welcome Fred, a new follower of our blog.


  1. we love them thank you thank you thank you!!! You girls are soooo talented!!!

    1. You're very welcome. Ash and I had a ton of fun making them for you all.