Finish line now in view.

Do you ever have any projects that just seem to drag on and on? The egg quilt, as I named this one due to the fabric that I used, is definitely that quilt for me. Started not long after we went to Houston in 2010, this project for some reason keeps on coming to a grinding halt. Determined to finish it, hopefully before the end of the month, I decided this weekend was the weekend to really put my head down with it. A couple of weeks ago, when I thought I had done all the quilting, Ashleigh politely drew to my attention, that I had missed doing some of the stitch in the ditch (SID) quilting. Horrors!!!!! So the quilt was loaded back onto the frame, (for the 3rd time!) and quilted, yet again. I have to say, I really liked quilting the borders. The double straight line design, is called bead board, and is fabulous for taming very wavy borders. I also did a single line version called piano keys, on the opposite border. The 2 side borders have a feather plume. As this was a quilt I would keep, it became a canvas where I could afford to try a few different techniques. Having just made the binding, I am on the home straight now and can see the finish line.- Julie.

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