Finished and Ready for handover!

Here is the pattern that just 'happened' on Dianne's quilt. Quilting intentions for this quilt did not start off like this, but as many quilters know, something happens in the progression of the construction/quilting process that can sometimes make things change directions.
Originally I was contemplating a pantograph for this quilt, but couldn't settle on any of the designs I had, so decided I would free motion quilt it with an edge to edge design. As you can see from this sketch, the quilting design is made up from curls, ribbons, leaves and a double flower motif. I didn't pre mark the top, but just started stitching. The end result is a very soft looking quilt. As the weather has been quite miserable here, I have been unable to take a nice picture of it. Weather permitting, in the next day or two I will be able to, and then will post a photo of it here on the blog.

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