Swoon...and it's story.

Finally, with my computer issues worked out, I can give you the story of Swoon...
Swoon (by Camille Roskelley), was started about a year ago. Construction stalled and Swoon was then packed away, until I could be bothered facing it again. After I got back from America late last year, I decided to get it out and try and get it finished. I had a hair brain idea for it and needed to get it finished quickly!
I have to admit, I hate the pin basting that needs to be done to a quilt. A friend in the valley, (Thank you Lyn King) suggested to me to just machine baste, so as to minimise the pin basting required. What a brilliant idea!! This photo looks a little grainy, as it's from my phone.

This quilt did in fact start off destined to be on my own bed. In the process of construction, someone approached me wanting to purchase it. With Swoon sold, work on it proceeded at a steady pace to get it finished. Bead board in the borders and ruler work in the blocks, became the main design elements I chose. I have to admit, I love the fact the quilting can add a secondary design element to a quilt.

When Swoon was gotten out to be finished late last year, I decided I would also enter it into a show! The deadline for the show entry was February 21st and so I entered, with Swoon not even off the frame yet! 

After many many hours of quilting this (approx. 40), I do like the end result. I have quilted a similar design before on a quilt, so when it comes time for me to do my own Swoon, I will use some of the same quilting designs again. There a few new things I want to try as well!!
I do like a Swoon!
This pic probably gives a better close up of the quilting. It is square, despite it looks otherwise. Lumpy grass underneath!!
Swoon finished and ready to go to it's new owner. My own Swoon... I'm planning a totally different colour way the next time!
And the results from the show? Swoon placed first in it's class and then won best exhibit in the patchwork/quilt classes. While no ribbons were awarded for these places, the wins did provide a nice little cash award.
Onto the next project!-Julie.



  1. It's beautiful!! A well deserved win to, that quilting certainly lifted it to a new level.

  2. Well done and congratulations on the win, the quilting is amazing, beautiful!

  3. Congratulations you can quilt show winners so keep going for it. Now to think about putting one in the State show.

  4. Congratulations Julie.....Can't wait to see what you do next????

  5. Congratulations your quilt deserves the win
    Cheers Pauline