Pondering the Possibilities!!!

The wait is over!! Well, sort of. I have been checking out the quilts.com site for several weeks now on a daily basis, waiting for the class catalogue to come out for Houston and it's finally here! This is the read version only, as registration for classes doesn't open for another 2 weeks or so. It's enough though, to have a decent look and see what's on offer. And there's amazing stuff being taught at Houston this year!! It's going to cost me a small fortune, if I get all the classes I'm desirous of taking, but that's okay. I see it as a good investment into my quilting journey and hopefully with the new skills learnt, I'll be able to fast track a bit of the learning curve. I'll let you know in the next fortnight or so, (fortnight in Aussie talk means 2 weeks) which classes I was able to get into.
Happy Quilting.-Julie.

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  1. Lucky you, Houston is amazing I had lots of classes and loved every minute of it, especially Jamie Wallen Classes.