No climate control yet!

The split system that was to be installed today in studio 2 didn't happen! The tech guy came to install it as planned, but there was a typo error on the printed instructions that came with it, which meant the pipe size to the unit was different to the one suggested. Hmmmm. Hopefully by the end of the week it will be working. With a little respite over the next day or two from the high temperatures expected, I got stuck into "My Texas Bluebonnet". As you can see, I marked directional arrows for the first pass. My goal on this quilt is to break thread as little as possible. The arrows also help to keep my brain heading in the right direction. Mind you though, every so often my brain was trying to tell me to loop the opposite way. I had a couple of close calls on going the opposite way with the loops, I can tell you. Even with repetition of quilting design, for me it's essential to stay focused or I might just end up going backwards!!

With 3 hours of quilting today, I decided it was time to quit while I was ahead, before I made a possible faux pas. I admire how some longarm quilters can quilt for hours at a time. Maybe I need to build up my stamina. I'm guessing I'm about 3/4's the way through the top. The end border has not shown on the roller yet, so I still have a little way to go. The texture is showing up lovely, and the back of the quilt has definitely got the potential to be a tone on tone quilt in it's own right. Ideas are changing, (as they always do) for the borders. The cream narrow sashings will probably get a little attention too. I'm off to do a little piecing on Swoon. Block 6 tonight and since Ash has just arrived, probably more chocolate eating and tea drinking than sewing will happen. Either way, it will be a fun night! Until next time, happy quilting.-Julie.

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