The good and the bad......

Firstly I have to say, I just love the look of this King Tut thread. It's just delicious!! When we looked for thread to compliment this quilt, Ash decided this colour combination was the way to go. Having never used King Tut before, I was a little bit apprehensive, as I had heard it can pose no end of trouble on some long arm machines. I think I worried for nothing, as it played very nicely with us throughout the entire quilting process of this quilt. It is noticeably coarser going through my machine, and for want of a better description, it was like dragging sandpaper thread along the thread path to the needle. Mind you it doesn't feel like that to touch. This colour is called Harem and is a 40wt thread. Being a heavier weight thread, meant the bobbins held less than usual, so bobbin changes would happen more frequently and they did! It required 2 bobbins per quilting pass, which meant a total of 16 were used. A bit more extra effort required, but for the chance to use this beautiful looking thread, well worth it.

We had decided on a different pattern, but at the last minute, as per usual, we changed our mind. To check out the suitability of the new one, we auditioned it with a dry erase marker on some light weight clear vinyl. (tablecloth weight). We then overlayed it on the unquilted top to see how it would look. And yes, it worked. Now here is where I inject a WARNING: when you go to overlay the drawn out audition piece, make sure you do not take the dry erase pen with you, in case the lid falls off and you accidentally put pen on the quilt top!
Yep, it happened to us, but was only minimal so we can live with it. We are not attempting the rubbing alcohol thing again, cause we know it doesn't work that good either!! Also for future reference, mark the side of the audition vinyl, so you always use the same side. That way you will not transfer dry erase marks to the next quilt top you audition.
The pattern is called Clematis, and is from Willowleaf Studio.

And just a little picture along the way. The contrast colour of the thread on the white, really breaks the starkness of all the white, which we were pleased about. In the next post, I will show you an overall of the finished result, minus the binding, of course!! Until then, happy quilting.-Julie & Ash.


  1. Your quilting looks amazing and the thread looks perfect with the blocks

    Cheers Pauline

    1. Thanks Pauline. We are looking forward to trying other 'new' threads on our future projects too.