Earthquake ends practice time!!

Yes, I can't believe it myself. I had just started my practice session on the longarm machine, with plenty of things I had in mind to try and a slow rumbling sound started. Not the usual sound of the trains as they go by, so I knew something was not quite right. The rumble got louder and everything started to shake and it kept on shaking! One of my first reactions was to get the machine turned off. (I know, I didn't even stop to think of getting to a safer spot) Even with an UPS machine in place, I was not taking any chances should something unexpected happen with the power. A news report just in, confirms it was a rumble indeed! Time it happened- 8:55pm, 5.5 magnitude and it went for 30-40 seconds! And the epicentre, less than half an hour (driving time) from my house!!! So no practice tonight. I think instead it's time to get the pencil and paper out again, for a bit of drawing.- Julie


  1. Stay safe, I too live in what's called earthquake country. It takes awhile to feel safe again.

    1. Thanks for your safe wishes to us here at HK. We had another 3 aftershocks so it was a bit unnerving last night. All quiet today though, Phew!

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    1. Thanks Ardelle. At least I can get back to the practice now.